Practice Starts Monday Oct 29

First Practice
Our first practice is on Monday October 29 in Room B-3 starting at 2:45 sharp.  Be ready to work out and bring a helmet (and gloves) for roller skiing.   If you are still involved in a Fall sport please send an email so we know to expect you or make sure you select Nordic as your Winter Sport so we can add you to our roster.
Until the snow arrives the practice schedule is Mon-Thu after school  for 2hours 30 minutes.  So we finish at 5:00 pm on Collab Days and 6:00 pm other days.   On Tuesday and Thursday we are in the Strength and Fitness from 5:15 – 6:00 pm.  Otherwise we practice outside.  After Daylight Savings stops we will be in B-3 after dark on Wednesday.
Sports Clearance
We still have a lot of athletes who have not appeared in our roster.  The FamilyID database shows us who have completed the sports clearance procedure AND have selected Nordic Skiing as their winter sport.   We cannot let you practice with the team until both these steps are complete.  If you have not yet completed your physical, still do the rest of the registration on FamilyID so we know who is in the pipeline.  We will see that you are not approved yet but it helps a lot.
If you are cleared for a Fall sport please get your parents to log into FamilyID and select Nordic as your winter sport.   If you plan to ski and have not yet completed your physical you need to deal with this promptly.
Parent Meeting Slides
For those that did not manage to attend the parent meeting on Tuesday Oct 16,  I have posted a PDF of the slides that were presented.   The video slides are just shown as a snapshot but the rest of the slides are complete.   Remember that this presentation was aimed at both parents and athletes and sometimes a particular slide is aimed at one or the other.  It may have been clearer in person who the intended audience was!
If you have friends who you think may enjoy Nordic Skiing, please get them to contact me.   It helps tremendously to have beginners at the start of the season rather than later.    The weather is great now but the snow will come.   When the snow arrives things get a lot more hectic and do not have as much time to deal with new people arriving.
Beginner Roller Skiing
For those that are cleared for sport there are Beginner Roller Skiing Clinics scheduled.  Need a minimum of 2 athletes signed up for a session to take place.   Email me if you have any questions.   If there are other better times over the October Break for some sessions let me know.  With enough notice I am flexible.

Parent Meeting

Parents of athletes planning to join the NU Nordic Team this winter season should attend the information meeting on Tuesday 16 October at 6pm in Science Lecture Hall.  (Athletes also welcome.)  Details of practice and race schedule will be covered.  For those new to the sport who have other questions, this is your chance to get answers.

Should be over by 7:00 pm.

Parent Meeting

There will be a meeting for parents (athletes welcome) on Tuesday October 16 at 6 pm.  Meeting is in the Science Lecture Hall and should be over by 7 pm.   This is the week before the October Break.   The season officially starts on Monday October 29 so there is not a lot of time.

If you are interested in skiing for the NU Nordic Ski Team this coming Winter Season please attend as there is a lot of information that needs to be communicated to parents and athletes.   Don’t wait till after the meeting to start getting cleared for sportdo it now.  Every year we have athletes who cannot participate at the start of the season because they have procrastinated on getting their paperwork (actually all on line this year) complete.

2017-18 Race Videos

Here are a collection of links to the broadcast videos from the Nordic World Cup and the Olympics.   The races where we have not found the broadcast are shown in red.  Note the World Cup race dates are in Day/Month format below.  Where two races are on one line the Ladies is first followed by the Men.  When a race has a C after the distance it is in classic technique and when followed by an F it is freestyle.

World Cup Period I

24.11. Fri Ruka FIN Sprint C

25.11. Sat Ruka FIN 10km C 15km C

26.11. Sun Ruka FIN 10km F 15km F Pursuit

02.12. Sat Lillehammer NOR Sprint C

03.12. Sun Lillehammer NOR Skiathlon Skiathlon

09.12. Sat Davos SUI Sprint F

10.12. Sun Davos SUI 10km F 15km F

16.12. Sat Toblach ITA 10km C 15km C

17.12. Sun Toblach ITA 10km F 15km F  Pursuit

World Cup Period II

Tour de Ski

30.12. Sat Lenzerheide SUI Sprint F  TDS1

31.12. Sun Lenzerheide SUI 10km C 15km C TDS2

01.01. Mon Lenzerheide SUI 10km F 15km F Pursuit TDS3

03.01. Wed Oberstdorf GER Sprint C  TDS4 Cancelled

04.01. Thu Oberstdorf GER 10km F 15km F Mass Start TDS5

06.01. Sat Val di Fiemme ITA 10km C 15km C Mass Start TDS6

07.01. Sun Val di Fiemme ITA Final Climb Final Climb Pursuit TDS7

13.01. Sat Dresden GER Sprint F

14.01. Sun Dresden GER Team Sprint F

20.01. Sat Planica SLO Sprint C

21.01. Sun Planica SLO 10km C 15km C

27.01. Sat Seefeld AUT Sprint Heats F Sprint Qual F

28.01 Sun Seefeld AUT 10km F 15km F Mass Start

World Cup Period III

Olympics PyeongChang

The Olympic Races were not uploaded to Youtube but were put on a Russian Server.  Be patient as they take a little longer to get started.  They do have English commentary.


World Cup Period IV

03.03. Sat Lahti FIN Sprint F

04.03. Sun Lahti FIN 10km C 15km C

07.03. Wed Drammen NOR Sprint C

10.03. Sat Oslo NOR 50km F Mass Start

11.03. Sun Olso NOR 30km F Mass Start

World Cup Final

16.03. Fri Falun SWE Sprint F

17.03. Sat Falun SWE 10km C 15km C Mass Start

18.03. Sun Falun SWE 10km F 15km F Pursuit





Beginner Roller Skiing

An initial schedule of Beginner Roller Skiing sessions has been posted  on Doodle.  Once you are cleared for sport and wish to attend sign up in advance.  The session will only be held if at least two athletes sign up.  You must bring your own helmet (bike helmet OK) that fits.  Also recommend you bring some gloves to protect your hands (bike gloves work OK, but anything to avoid skinned knuckles will work).  A water bottle is also useful.  On your first session please be on time as we need to find the right sized boots for you.

Some athletes are comfortable after a couple of sessions.  Others may need more practice.  These clinics will meet in Room B-3 and stay on the school grounds.   If there is demand we may schedule some advanced sessions that may go out on the roads.

Sign-Up for NU Nordic Team

If you plan to ski this winter please get the first two parts of the sign-up process started immediately.   Before you can take part in a team practice or clinic you must be cleared for sport by the school.   This requires physical exam which often takes a while to schedule.  Do it now.   If you are already cleared for sport please log in and add Nordic Skiing as your Winter Sport.  We do not see your clearance till you do this.

Important Team Meeting Tuesday Sept 18 (lunch)

We will meet in Room B-3 during lunch on Tueday September 18.   Please spread the word to those who don’t listen to the Daily Bulletin at School or read their email.  There are a number of changes this season in particular the new on-line Sports Sign-Up.

Also try and bring new team members so we know what numbers we are dealing with.   We can handle a team of up to 30 athletes.   Season officially starts October 29  and six weeks will go very quickly.

4th Annual Zett’s Tri

On Sunday 3rd of June the NU Nordic Ski Team will be running the 4th Annual Zett’s Triathlon.   This is our main fund raiser for the team and we need everyone to either take part in the event or to volunteer to help run it.  Please do everything you can to spread the word about this fun race – our goal this year is reach 150+ participants.  It is a Sprint Triathlon with a 2 mile run, 6 mile mountain bike and 350 yard swim.  The order of events is different than most triathlons so that the swim event does not bottleneck in the pool.

Go to the webpage for more details and a link to the registration page.

First On-Snow Practice

We are planning to have our first on snow practice tomorrow Wednesday Nov 29.   We will be leaving NU at 3:45 pm and returning to school by 8:30 pm.  You should bring food to eat immediately after practice before we drive home.  You must sign up on Doodle if you plan to attend.   If you are a parent driver who is cleared by the school and can drive tomorrow please sign up on Doodle also and indicate the number of seats you have for athletes.

You must have your paperwork complete and your equipment ready to go.  Remember you cannot take team equipment off campus until we have a signed Equipment Form.  You also need to have a Season Trail Pass from the Auburn Ski Club Training Center before we can take you to the snow.   This Trail Pass application needs to be done by your parent or guardian (unless you are 18) as it involves a Release of Liability Waiver.

Contact coaches if you have any questions.  It looks like it will be cold with a light wind tomorrow evening so dress accordingly.  Returning athletes may want to bring a headlamp in case conditions allow them to leave the lighted stadium area.

Season Starts November 6

First practice is after school Monday November 6.  Be in room B-3 ready to practice by 3:45 pm.   Make sure you have a helmet for roller skiing (returning athletes may have left their helmet at end of last season).   You also need footwear to run and exercise in. You must be cleared for sport (see Debbie in Student Store) and bring a completed Consent to Treat Form to the coach.   There are no more before school conditioning or beginner roller skiing sessions after the October Break.

Till there is snow the practice schedule is:

Collaboration Days:  2:45 – 5:00 pm

Regular Days: 3:45 – 6:00 pm

Optional Sunday Roller Skiing for Road Ready Athletes (check with coach if you are unsure).

Please make sure that we have up to date contact information and athlete size information by filling in form on website.