Monthly Archives: October 2014

First Race

During the Beginner Clinic this afternoon, I was asked about the difficulty of our first race, which is scheduled for Friday 12th December.  It is a Freestyle Relay in the Meadow at Kirkwood Cross Country.  Last year the weather was beautiful and there was just enough snow (it was gone within the week).  The previous year the morning started off cold and fine but by the time of the High School start we had near blizzard conditions which made a tough race.

To show our newcomers what to expect I have posted a low resolution video from both the girls and boys race from last year on Youtube  (the boys race had previously appeared on Facebook).  Both Delphine and Cody wore my Gopro on their heads while they skied the lead off leg of their relays.  The Girls  video is 13:37 long and the Boys  video is 11:20 long. The course is a fairly flat 3 Km with the only technical difficulty being a sharp right hand turn.

Keep it Coming

Boreal WebCam

While not a dumper, a few more weeks of little storms might see us in business!   Remember,   before we go to the snow we need paperwork.  We also need to maintain our equipment and get it allocated.

Email Outage

I managed to break my incoming e-mail for a short period on 10/21/14.  If you emailed me and the message bounced, try again.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Final Chance to Join Team

There will be a meeting during lunch on Friday October 24 in Room B-3 to finalize the team roster.  We have 35+ names at present but have not heard from many of them for a long time.  If we don’t get your full contact information and equipment sizing information by Friday we will delete you from the mailing list.  Regular practice starts in 3 weeks and our first race is in 8 weeks – this is our last week of recruiting, we have to get ready for the season.  Remember you can sign up on-line.

Winter Sports Meeting

Athletic Dept will be having a Winter Sports meeting at 6pm Wednesday 22 October in Baggett Theater.   After brief general comments from the Athletic Director there will be break-out sessions in E-Wing for each sport.  Nordic Skiing will be there, so if you cannot make our long scheduled meeting on November 6, this is your chance to find out about how the team will run this year.

Old Hwy 40 This Morning

Adam, Cody and I, with Rocky riding escort, roller skied from Cisco Grove to the Soda Springs bridge this morning.  Beautiful day with lots of Fall colors starting to show up there.  According to GPS it is a 30 Km round trip with 1000 ft elevation gain.  The road is rougher than ever with the frost cracks turning into yawning chasms.  Major excitement was two flat tires on the Aero skiis, but as we had Rocky carrying spares didn’t cause a problem.