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Updated League Standings

The Updated League Standings are now available for Boys and Girls.  Note that we still have 5 girls in the top 10 of the Open (medals).  And 3 boys in the top 10 of the Open (medals).  Girls once again  got a team placing of 4th this week but are sitting in 5th position for the season.  Boys got 5th position today and are sitting in 6th position for the season.  Banners for the top five teams are awarded.

Skiathlon Results with PerCent

I have the results from today with the PerCent Back calculation included. Some of our athletes had their best results today. Erika came close to breaking under the 20% back number and was only a few places behind some of the girls who look like they will qualify for Junior Nationals.  The girls field today was missing Hannah Halvorsen (Sugar Bowl) who is currently racing in Sweden with the US under 18 team, but I don’t think this would have changed the per cent back numbers today as we compute relative to the average of  2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

Tanner stayed under 30% back for the second week and looks solidly in the top group of Open Boys.   Again the boys percent back was a little skewed with the absence of Sam Zabell (Sugar Bowl) who is competing with the 4 person youth US Biathlon Team in Minsk, Belarus.

I will post the team results and our detailed team statistics in a little while.


Some Revised Results and Scoring

There was a minor revision to the Varsity Girls result from Mammoth.  This change plus some format cleanup are now included in the updated  Boys and Girls season to date scoring spreadsheets.   Interesting that Roy, Tanner and Cody are locked in a three way tie for fourth place in Open Boys.  Erika, Nora, Matea and Bella are still in the top ten with Anya just one place out of the medals for Open Girls.

Mammoth Classic Results

The race results are posted on   and are also posted in a consolidated format on the NU Nordic Web Site.  I have also updated the team standings for points contribution and also the table of percent back calculation.

The Open Class Individual Standings have also been updated (Girls, Boys).  Note that this update is calculated a little differently.  We have had four races that count and the N-1 total of points sums up only those four races and drops the worst race.  Previously the N-1 showed the total of the four races because the worst race was always one of the ones that had not yet occurred.  Hopefully this is more informative.  Also the current rankings are in the right hand column – disregard the Place column on the left as it does not show ties.  Before the awards ceremony the ties will be broken by the application of a set of criteria.

Another Course Update from Mammoth

Snow conditions and length considerations have caused a revision of tomorrows race course.  It will now finish out at the end of the coldwater loop.  I was always suspicious of the way Mammoth measured the course.  it is now officially about 1 Km shorter than last year.  It is possible to ski walk back around the bottom of the lake from the finish to the start and this is about 1 Km.

The forecast has removed the chance of rain but is now at very windy, partly sunny with a 30% chance of snow (less than half inch) during the day with a high of 43F!!!   Be prepared for almost anything.

Mammoth Course Update

A new course map has been published.  Also there are significant parts of the course that will not have Classic tracks set (insufficient snow).  This is a classic race and there will be course marshals looking for technique infringements – DON’T  SKATE.

A good skier will take around 15 minutes to get from the parking lot to the start area.