Skiathlon Results with PerCent

I have the results from today with the PerCent Back calculation included. Some of our athletes had their best results today. Erika came close to breaking under the 20% back number and was only a few places behind some of the girls who look like they will qualify for Junior Nationals.  The girls field today was missing Hannah Halvorsen (Sugar Bowl) who is currently racing in Sweden with the US under 18 team, but I don’t think this would have changed the per cent back numbers today as we compute relative to the average of  2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

Tanner stayed under 30% back for the second week and looks solidly in the top group of Open Boys.   Again the boys percent back was a little skewed with the absence of Sam Zabell (Sugar Bowl) who is competing with the 4 person youth US Biathlon Team in Minsk, Belarus.

I will post the team results and our detailed team statistics in a little while.