Monthly Archives: May 2015

Summer Roller Skiing

I have put together a poster for our summer roller skiing programs.  I will post it to the team Facebook page as well.  We should have paper copies displayed around the school later next week.  Keep thinking recruiting.


We had no new recruits at our meeting yesterday!  Please spread the word – I know it is a long time till winter, but summer is a great time to join the team.  A low resolution version of our recruiting poster is on-line.   Jen has some nice printed versions if you know anyone who wants to find out about the team (there are also copies in the racks at the Student Store).  We will have all the on-line information updated over the next couple of days.

Preliminary 2015-16 Race Schedule

The race schedule for next season has been posted.  This is subject to change at the Winter Coaches meeting, but it is likely to be very close to this.  It is possible that the Kirwood Relays will be run as a single mixed relay with 2 Boys and 2 Girls per team.  This will be decided by South Tahoe as the Host school.   The Sprint Races have been moved half an hour earlier to try and finish before the light goes.   At present there are two byes in the schedule – 1/29/16 and 2/19/16.