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Roller Skiing Tomorrow

Still have only heard from a few people.  Make sure you Doodle.  If you need equipment be at school at 5:15 pm in B-3.  Beginners should be there at 4:00 pm.

It will be warm so do not forget your water bottle.

Paperwork Update

The web page with instructions on how to join the team has been updated with correct links to all the forms except for this year’s Auburn Ski Club Package which is not yet available.

If you are Roller Skiing this summer make sure you look at the Consent to Treat Form that is on-line (or part of the package I gave to the Cross Country Runners).  I have pre-filled the boiler plate that most people left blank last year that I then had to fill in.

Please fill in (or update) the Google Form rather than giving me a paper form with your contact information.  It saves me a lot of work.

Roller Skiing Starts This Week

We are roller skiing on Tuesday and Thursday.  Beginners at Room B-3 at 4:00 pm till 5:30 pm.  Intermediate and Advanced at Washington Ridge from 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm.  Make sure you sign up on Doodle

Sports Sign-Off required.  Bring signed pink sheet and a Consent to Treat (for Nordic Skiing) to first session.  Beginners should contact coach before first session and experienced athletes must make sure they have boots etc checked out for this year.

Returning athletes who have not returned their visibility vests (6 of you) must bring them to first session.

Summer Training!!

Amy sent me the link to this great YouTube video.  You should recognize most of the trails in the on-snow scenes.  Perhaps we should dust of the the Red Dogs and head to the beach!

UPDATE: Unfortunately they took the video down because it used a great music track and UMG claimed copyright infringement!  Perhaps there will be a silent version one day.

UPDATE: The link now seems to work again!  This is worth watching.  Spread the word.  We have a trip to the beach planned for Saturday 22 August.

Summer Roller Skiing Sign-Up

I have created a Poll for this summer roller skiing.  Please sign up if you plan to attend.  You must let me know before your first show so that we can work out equipment.  We will normally meet at Washington Ridge, but if you need transport let me know.  There is a separate  Poll for the Beginner Sessions which take place at school.  See next Post.

Usual reminder — you must bring a consent to treat and a sports clearance.  Remember the Sports Evening on June 9 where you can get your medical for $20.

Campus Clean-Up

Just a reminder that we will be taking part in the Campus Clean Up tomorrow for the graduation.  Please meet in lobby of Ali Gym at noon.   After the clean-up pizza will be served!!

After the pizza we will have a brief team meeting about possible exciting trips during next Winter Break.  If you want your opinion to count, please show up.  We may migrate down to B-3 for this discussion (around 1pm).