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Parent Meeting

We will hold our pre-season parent meeting for all athletes who wish to ski in the 2015-16 season in the week before Fall Break.    The meeting is scheduled for 6 pm on Thursday Oct 8 in the Science Lecture Theater.

Information from Latest Email

Club Rush

After Club Rush on Tuesday we now have 19 new athletes on our mailing list, for a total of 33.  This is a big number!  Our equipment resources are going to be stretched very thin if everyone who is on the lists sticks with us.  We normally have some attrition as people discover everything that is involved, but I suspect we will end up with a bigger than normal team this year.

Athlete Information

To allow us the opportunity to chase down any equipment shortages we need to know boot size, weight, height information ASAP.  In the longer run we also need contact information etc.  The best way to submit this is to fill out the on-line google form.  So far no newcomers have done this (though a few gave me sizes at the lunch meeting a couple of weeks ago).  Please deal with this (if there are any shortages that we cannot resolve, then people who have submitted information earlier will get priority). Returning athletes who have changed dimensions since last season should also get me updates quickly (just a short email with your new sizes will do).
In the preseason, sorting out equipment is a major task.  All athletes get a least two pair of skis, three pair of poles, one or two pair of boots, roller skis and a race uniform.  This doesn’t happen by magic.

Beginners Roller Skiing

Till the official beginning of the season on November 9 we will be runningBeginner Roller Ski Clinics.  Many of our beginners are committed to Fall Sports so we have scheduled 5 sessions over the Fall Break that should not conflict with your other sport.  For those that are not doing a Fall Sport there are 6 after school sessions on a Monday and Wednesday.  Note the after school sessions are at various times to match the school release time.  Please sign up for any sessions that you plan to attend (for morning sessions by 10 pm the night before and afternoon sessions by 9 am of that day) – if no-one signs up by the deadline the coach will not be there!!  You must bring your own safety helmet (a correctly fitting bike helmet works well).  We also recommend you wear gloves such as a fingerless cycling glove. The team has an assortment of knee and elbow pads for those that need them.

School Sports Clearance

Before you can participate you must be cleared for sports and have given aConsent to Treat to the coach.  From the official list I received (date Thu Sept 24)  six of our returning athletes and four of the newcomers still need to get clearance.

Parents Meeting

There will be a meeting next week for all parents of team members (athletes also welcome to attend).  There has been a Doodle Poll available to choose the best night for the meeting.  So far only 4 parents have expressed a preference.  I will close the Poll at 9 pm Wednesday evening as I have to get an announcement submitted to the Daily Bulletin tomorrow.
It looks like the Tuesday date will not work because of a conflict with College and Career Night so I have removed it from the choices.  Because of other conflict Thursday is the preferred evening, but if there are significant numbers of people can only attend on Wednesday I will consider also having a meeting that evening.  I will announce the location after I have a confirmed room booking at NU.


Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!

Of our confirmed returning athletes, we still have 4 who are not cleared for sport and 3 who need to get me Consent to Treat Forms.  Please take care of it ASAP so that we are not chasing you.  You can leave your signed Consent to Treat Forms in my box in the school foyer.  Newcomers, we need information.  Please go to the Signup Form and get us your details.

Beginner Roller Skiing

At present, all of the prospective newcomers to the team are tied up with a Fall sport. I have scheduled daily beginner sessions over the Fall Break. Sign up on Doodle if you are interested  (minimum of two athletes for session to go ahead).   Must have sports sign off,  Nordic Consent to Treat,  and given their me contact information.

Fall Training

While a number of our athletes are tied up in Fall Sports, there are some others that need to start thinking (and doing something) about the upcoming season.   After careful consideration,  I have figured out that our returning athletes fall into two clear groups – 1)  Those that are very fit (doing a Fall Sport)  and will benefit mainly from technique improvement and some upper body workouts, 2)  Those who are not very fit (and not doing a Fall Sport) and seriously need some hours of aerobic workout so that they do not suffer too much when they get on snow!
To accommodate these groups we will start after school endurance workouts on roller skis for group 2 and Sunday morning technique workouts  (video analysis and roller ski drills)  aimed at increasing efficiency for group 1.  We want to tailor this so that group 1  are not pushed into over training and work around their Fall Sport Training schedules.
After school group will meet in B-3 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:40pm.   If we don’t have enough transport we will work out at school, else we will go to Washinton Ridge.   Sunday morning group will meet at B-3 at 9am.   Will probably do most video analysis at school, but go to Washington Ridge for upper body work outs (double poling).  Later we may do some altitude work up Old Highway 40.
Remember to sign up  on the  Doodle Poll for Fall Training.

Club Rush

At lunch next Tuesday (29 Sept) is Club Rush.  The Nordic Ski team will have a recruiting table.  We want everyone to show up to help and answer questions from interested students.  Last year we had a few people dress up in race suits.  If anyone wants to do it this year let me know (by Sunday night) and I will dig out your uniforms.  We will be handing out information and trying to gather email addresses of interested people.  I have also made a bunch of copies of a DVD with the last 3 years of our team video on it  to hand out to anyone who wants to know what we do!


At our meeting lunch time meeting back on Sept 9, we only had three new athletes show up. I realize that there was a conflicting meeting at the last minute.   We need more recruits.  I have heard a number of other possible names mentioned, but as of yet I have no contact information. Please send me  email addresses of anyone who has expressed an interest in joining the team so that I can add them to the mailing list.

Parent Meeting

I have set up a Doodle Poll to choose the best time for the pre-season Parent Meeting.  Please fill in all times that you will be available.  Note that I have shown 3 start times on each date, to try and find the most convenient.   The meeting will run for an hour to and hour and a half.   Please spread the word to prospective new team members so they can have some say in the meeting schedule.   I realize that there is a Cross Country Running event on the Wednesday afternoon which may make that date difficult.   This meeting is not just for parents and athletes are also encouraged to attend.

Lunch Time Meeting Wednesday Sept 9

There will be a meeting in B-3 during lunch on Wednesday September 9.  Spread the word among any potential recruits as the notice will only appear in the Daily Bulletin on Tuesday and Wednesday.   We will need to replace some of our boots and skis this year and I want to get some idea of the sizes of new team members.  We will also discuss the potential trip over Christmas Break to West Yellowstone.