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Sign-Up Deadline October 30

If you want to join the Team for the 2015-16 Season the Deadline is Friday October 30.  After this date we do not want to add any new names to our Roster.  Make sure that you complete the sign-up as soon as possible.  If we have any equipment shortages those who sign up earlier will get priority.

Regular practice starts directly after school on Monday November 9.  You must be cleared for sport by the school and bring a completed Consent to Treat Form to the Coach.   A few athletes will still  be busy with the Fall Sport Postseason – Good Luck.  Please keep us informed.

Parent Meeting Slides

Here is a PDF of the material I presented at the parent meeting Oct 8.  No video unfortunately.

A number of people communicated with me before the meeting about not being able to attend.  Please make sure that I have up to date contact and sizing information.  The on-line form is not editable, but I can easily handle multiple submissions if you have additional information.  All submissions are time stamped so I simply merge your entries with the latest information over riding any early information in the same slot.

We now have 36 athlete names on our roster and on the email list. Please get me additional information as soon as possible.  Returning athletes should get me any size changes ASAP and if nothing has changed please confirm by email.

If you are a beginner please try and fit in some of the Beginner Clinics before the season starts.  You must be signed of for school sports.  Sign-up for a particular session on Doodle.

Returning athletes who are not doing a Fall Sport should be getting their conditioning under way immediately.  Roller skiing over the break will be at 10:30 am each day – contact me if you plan to attend.  Returning athletes should make sure they have all their paperwork complete – I will try and get a table up on the web-site this weekend showing your status.

Nutrition Repost

I have reposted the  Nutrition Information from last year.  Unfortunately, FIS no longer has their paper on Female Cross-Country Skiers available.  I have put the document on our web-site so that it can be accessed.

I promised at the Parent Meeting on Thursday evening to publish some references on nutrition that may be useful to our Nordic Skiers. I have cut and paste from an email I sent out a couple of years ago below

“The ASC Foothill Training Group had a great practice on Sunday and almost all athletes left the stadium and went around some of the trail system. However, on the return it became clear that some skiers were exhausted. It seems worthwhile reminding people that nordic skiing at altitude is a strenuous activity and requires an appropriate diet. Here is a link to some useful information on diet – it appears on a nordic web-site but was probably written for alpine skiing. The principles are the same.

In the many years I have been coaching there has only been one case where a boy had problems with matching his food intake to the demands of Nordic Ski Racing. Unfortunately, many High School Girls seem to underestimate the calories burned in this sport, and seem to run out of gas in training and races. There is an informative paper “The Role of Adequate Nutrition for Performance and Health for Female Cross-Country Skiers” published by FIS which is worth skimming for information on why this problem may occurs for girls.”
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Here is the link to the FIS Document which is no longer available on the FIS site.