State of Paperwork

At present I have 31 names on my roster.  As of this morning 5 of these are still not cleared for sport.  You will not be able to practice on Monday unless you bring the pink sheet signed by Debbie Schorcht  (Student Store) to the practice.  I have uploaded a table showing the  current state of paperwork.  Please look at this.  I still have not received a number of Consent to Treat Forms (it is possible that there are some in my box that I have not seen yet).  You need to get me a consent to treat before you can practice.  The column in the table headed CTT shows those that are missing.

In addition I am still waiting for some contact information and some athlete size information.   After practices get under way we will deal with some additional paperwork such as the Equipment Agreement,  Parent Chaperone Form and the Auburn Ski Club Membership Package.  These are not needed to start practice.