2015-16 Season Per Cent Back Calculations

As an interesting metric of how well you did in any race I have calculated each athlete’s percentage back of the average time of the 2nd,3rd and 4th racer.

Boys Per Cent Back Girls Per Cent Back

The numbers along the bottom represent the races in order.

1 – Foothill Classic,  2 – Sugar Bowl Freestyle,  3 – Truckee Sprints,  4 – Mammoth Classic,

5 – North Tahoe Skiathlon,  6 – State Championship Classic,  7 – State Championship Skate

If you were 100% back it means your time was twice as long as the 2,3,4 average.


Here is a table showing the percent-back-summary    If the trend was negative it means that you were improving through the season (we won’t dwell on what a positive trend means!).   A small standard deviation means that you had more consistent results.  Don’t read too much into it but these are interesting numbers.