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Videos for the Summer

Earlier in the year I posted (and then updated) a blog entry with links to most of last seasons World Cup Nordic races that had been posted on Youtube .   Check it out if you want some quality ski races to get you through the hot days of summer.

Now the snow is all gone in the Northern Hemisphere the video of the current summer roller skiing season is starting to appear. One of my favorite series is the Blink races which have both straight roller skiing and roller skiing biathlon.  One of the exciting races is the climb Lysebotn Opp  which is a spectacular climb out of a Fiord (including a long tunnel).

Lysebotn Opp 2016 – Women’s Race

Lysebotn Opp 2016 – Men’s Race

Worth looking at how climbing technique has evolved through the years by checking some of the older races.

For other races just do a search in Youtube for Blink 201x  for a particular year and you will find lots of good stuff.  Some of the in city Biathlon races are very exciting.


Summer Roller Skiing

Roller Skiing is starting.   Adam and I have been out  a few times and last evening Cody and I put in a couple of laps.  The weather is warm.  Returning athletes normally ski at Washington Ridge and occasionally old State Highway 40.  We normally plan to start skiing at the stated time.  If you cannot organize your own transport make sure you contact the coaches who may have some seats available.  After boots and poles are allocated we normally do not go to school but meet at the Ridge.   Meeting place is about 1.5 miles from Highway 20 on Conservation Camp Road (right by the warning notices before you get to the camp).  Parents are welcome to attend.  In the past many have gone for walks or bike rides while we train.  We can always use help with video feedback.


For your first time you must make arrangements to meet coach at school to get boots and poles.  You must provide your own helmet, gloves and water bottle.  Over the summer gloves are pretty important to prevent blisters – bicycle gloves are best.  Whether you leave your water bottle at the cars (we are back around every 25 minutes) or carry it in a holster is up to you – I always carry mine as well as my cell phone in a waist pack.   Coach will bring roller skis for you as long as you sign up.


There is a  Doodle for Roller Skiing

I will be skiing regardless for the evening and Sunday sessions, so I need to know if you want me to bring skis for you.  Minimum time is two hours before the session or I may not get the message.   For the Tuesdays and Thursdays morning sessions you must be signed up by 5 pm on the previous evening.  Unless 2 athletes sign up by this time I will not show up.

If you need transport contact me (or another athlete who is driving) directly.  Normal pick up points are the Brunswick Safeway parking lot or at Uren Street in Nevada City.

You must be signed off for school sports (get and return the package from school).  I need to see the signed sheet.  If you are doing other sports make a copy of the sheet.  It is difficult for me to access the clearance data  base until school starts.

I also need a consent to treat form for Nordic Skiing.  Please use the  customized Consent to Treat Form if you can.