Monthly Archives: August 2016

Doodle Poll for Beach Trip

I have created a poll for our proposed trip to a beach to do some sand skiing.  Please check the days you could come so that we can choose the best date.  Spread the word to those who do not read their email or look at the web site!  Decision will be made by Saturday August 27.   Unless you are bringing parents who will be responsible for you, you must be signed off for sport.   This is NOT an official school outing – check with me if you have any questions.

UPDATE (9/17/16)   Trip has been canceled due to insufficient interest.   Perhaps next year.

Back to School

Quick meeting in B-3 at 12:50 Wednesday August 17.   I have got the DVDs of the team from last season that Kyle put together.  I have copies for everyone.  For those that have graduated, contact me and we will figure out a way to get you your copy.

Also good chance to bring any newcomers so we can get them added to the mailing list.   Start thinking about recruiting.