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Winter Is Approaching

We never know when our first ski-able snow is going to arrive.  In previous seasons we used to count on starting our first on-snow practice on the middle Wednesday in November, but have had years when we didn’t make it till the Winter Break.   This year could bring anything (I recommend reading the Open-Snow blog for some insight into what is going on) but it does look like it is shaping up to be one of the wettest Octobers on record.  Whether this means skiing in November or early December we want to be ready.   So get your paperwork done and communicate with the coaches!

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Please remember that if you sign up for an event on Doodle we need to know how to contact you in order to notify you of any changes of plans.    The simple way of doing this is to fill out our on-line registration form,  but if you don’t do this please at a minimum email me with a cell phone number that can be contacted.

I still have a number of names on my Draft Roster that I have no reliable way of contacting.  It is now less than two weeks till the start of the season and just on eight weeks till the first race.

Final Set of Beginner Roller Skiing Sessions

We are continuing Beginner Roller Skiing this week. Please sign up on Doodle by 8 PM of the previous day (I need a little warning to fit it into my day). Returning athletes who want to run through some of the drills are also welcome. I need at least two sign-ups by the deadline for the session to take place. Initial sessions are directly after school and run for about an hour. You must provide your own helmet (bi-cycle works fine), and we recommend that you try and wear gloves (again cycling gloves work well).

You must be cleared for sport and bring a completed Consent to Treat form to your first session if you have not already done so.

If you cannot make any of the proposed times please try and organize a group of athletes and let me know (by email) of some times that may work.

Material From Parent Meeting

The presentation from this evening’s meeting is available as a PDF (without the embedded video).

During the meeting I mentioned a previous post to the website that had links to useful nutrition information.

Please get me the contact and size information ASAP by filling in the on-line form.  If you have filled it in before, just complete the fields for any changed information and we can merge it with your old form.


Parent Meeting

The parent meeting for 2016-17 will be held on October 12 at 6:30 pm in Room S-209.

There are a number of changes this year, so even returning athletes will get new information. Most changes are related to the new school schedule and how it effects our practices. For those who have never done Nordic Skiing before, there will be a lot of information about your new sport!

Remember that to take part in any team activities you must be cleared for School Sport (get a sports package from the Student Store) and bring a filled out Consent to Treat Form to the coach.   You need a separate Consent to Treat for each sport – so even if you handed one in for your Fall sport you need another for Nordic Skiing.   We have Beginner Roller Skiing Clinics now, so do not delay.