Monthly Archives: January 2017

Sprint Results

The final results from Friday have been posted.   Note that the first 6 places are determined by the finish order in the final heat and all the other places are based on the time in the qualification time trial.   The results also contain the Team Scores.

The season standings now have two races in them and are also posted.   At present they are set up to be best 4 out of 5 races.  As it is unlikely that we will have five league races this season the scoring series will be adjusted later.   Also, the points per place is currently set to start at 100 points for first place and then decreasing by one for each place further back.  This is done for my convenience and will also be adjusted later in the season.  As we only have 50+ athletes in each gender this high number of points gives too much weight to just showing up.   We will eventually change it to be equal to the maximum number of athletes in any of our races.  Talk to me if you have questions about this.