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Parent Meeting

We will hold a meeting for parents of all interested athletes during the week of Oct 11-14.  The exact date and time will be the most popular preference in the Doodle Poll.   Please vote by indicating all of the dates and times you are available.   We will do our best to get through the material in an hour but will be available afterwards for any questions that may still remain.

The original notice said that the poll would close at 5 pm Wednesday October 4.   NOTE CHANGE:  Poll will close at 11 pm Tuesday October 3.   It was necessary to move this time so that details of the meeting could be published in the NU Daily Bulletin before the end of the week.

While aimed at parents, all athletes are most welcome to attend and particularly newcomers who want to learn about the sport.


Thursday and Friday (9/28, 9/29)
Lunch time meeting in B-3 for all interested in skiing for NU this coming winter.   Please plan to attend one of these times.  Should be very quick.  Also bring anyone you think might be interested.   We need to get a preliminary roster put together soon.  We still need updated data on our sign-up form.  If you are new to the team fill it out completely,  if you are returning fill in any changes.  We need your height this year rather than your armpit measurement!
Club Rush Tuesday Oct 3
Show up to help by talking to potential new team members.   Make sure to drag your friends along!
Parent Meeting
I have created a poll to find the best time to hold a parent meeting.  Please go to Doodle and fill in all the times you could attend.   Poll will close next Tuesday Oct 3 at 11 pm,  so I can make the announcement and get it published.