Practice Starts Monday Oct 29

First Practice
Our first practice is on Monday October 29 in Room B-3 starting at 2:45 sharp.  Be ready to work out and bring a helmet (and gloves) for roller skiing.   If you are still involved in a Fall sport please send an email so we know to expect you or make sure you select Nordic as your Winter Sport so we can add you to our roster.
Until the snow arrives the practice schedule is Mon-Thu after school  for 2hours 30 minutes.  So we finish at 5:00 pm on Collab Days and 6:00 pm other days.   On Tuesday and Thursday we are in the Strength and Fitness from 5:15 – 6:00 pm.  Otherwise we practice outside.  After Daylight Savings stops we will be in B-3 after dark on Wednesday.
Sports Clearance
We still have a lot of athletes who have not appeared in our roster.  The FamilyID database shows us who have completed the sports clearance procedure AND have selected Nordic Skiing as their winter sport.   We cannot let you practice with the team until both these steps are complete.  If you have not yet completed your physical, still do the rest of the registration on FamilyID so we know who is in the pipeline.  We will see that you are not approved yet but it helps a lot.
If you are cleared for a Fall sport please get your parents to log into FamilyID and select Nordic as your winter sport.   If you plan to ski and have not yet completed your physical you need to deal with this promptly.
Parent Meeting Slides
For those that did not manage to attend the parent meeting on Tuesday Oct 16,  I have posted a PDF of the slides that were presented.   The video slides are just shown as a snapshot but the rest of the slides are complete.   Remember that this presentation was aimed at both parents and athletes and sometimes a particular slide is aimed at one or the other.  It may have been clearer in person who the intended audience was!
If you have friends who you think may enjoy Nordic Skiing, please get them to contact me.   It helps tremendously to have beginners at the start of the season rather than later.    The weather is great now but the snow will come.   When the snow arrives things get a lot more hectic and do not have as much time to deal with new people arriving.
Beginner Roller Skiing
For those that are cleared for sport there are Beginner Roller Skiing Clinics scheduled.  Need a minimum of 2 athletes signed up for a session to take place.   Email me if you have any questions.   If there are other better times over the October Break for some sessions let me know.  With enough notice I am flexible.