On-Snow Practices


First on-snow practice is planned for Sunday December 2.   Please sign up on Doodle  if you plan to attend.   The tentative schedule through the end of term has been posted on Doodle.   We cancelled the original Friday evening on-snow because of forecast winds.   Until we get our new skiers comfortable enough to leave the stadium area it is not pleasant to practice in high winds.   The stadium area is the only part of the trail system that is lighted so a certain level of skiing ability is needed to train with just a headlamp.

An important reminder –  If you do not sign up you will probably not get a seat in a car,  If you do sign up but do not show up you will be placed in the lowest priority for future seats.  We try and find drivers to get the whole team to practice and if we ask a driver to drive and they are not needed we all get angry.

Team Calendar

As well as the off-campus events shown in Doodle there is also a general team calendar in Google.  You can find it on the team web-site or you can link it (read-only) to your own personal calendar.   It is generally updated as plans change, but may not show sudden changes caused by weather etc.   At present it does not show our on-snow schedule over the Christmas break.   We will try and choose 3-4 days over the break that suit the largest number of athletes.