Switch to On-Snow Practice Schedule

The storms this week have opened up on-snow training.   Once we switch to after school on-snow practices which do not return to NU until 8:30 pm we make Monday or Tuesday dry land practice optional.  You are welcome to come to both Monday and Tuesday but only one is required for attendance purposes.   As Monday is normally a collaboration day we get to practice in daylight till 5:00 pm.  Tuesday will remain one of our days in the Strength/Fitness gym from 5:15-6:00.  Monday will be focused on a distance roller ski workout over at Via Vista.   However, just because the practice is no longer mandatory does not mean we do not need to know whether you will be attending.   Please email or text Derek or Amy by the end of lunch if you are not attending a dry land practice.  It is impossible to plan a practice unless we know who will be there.