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Important Team Meeting Tuesday Sept 18 (lunch)

We will meet in Room B-3 during lunch on Tueday September 18.   Please spread the word to those who don’t listen to the Daily Bulletin at School or read their email.  There are a number of changes this season in particular the new on-line Sports Sign-Up.

Also try and bring new team members so we know what numbers we are dealing with.   We can handle a team of up to 30 athletes.   Season officially starts October 29  and six weeks will go very quickly.

4th Annual Zett’s Tri

On Sunday 3rd of June the NU Nordic Ski Team will be running the 4th Annual Zett’s Triathlon.   This is our main fund raiser for the team and we need everyone to either take part in the event or to volunteer to help run it.  Please do everything you can to spread the word about this fun race – our goal this year is reach 150+ participants.  It is a Sprint Triathlon with a 2 mile run, 6 mile mountain bike and 350 yard swim.  The order of events is different than most triathlons so that the swim event does not bottleneck in the pool.

Go to the webpage for more details and a link to the registration page.

First On-Snow Practice

We are planning to have our first on snow practice tomorrow Wednesday Nov 29.   We will be leaving NU at 3:45 pm and returning to school by 8:30 pm.  You should bring food to eat immediately after practice before we drive home.  You must sign up on Doodle if you plan to attend.   If you are a parent driver who is cleared by the school and can drive tomorrow please sign up on Doodle also and indicate the number of seats you have for athletes.

You must have your paperwork complete and your equipment ready to go.  Remember you cannot take team equipment off campus until we have a signed Equipment Form.  You also need to have a Season Trail Pass from the Auburn Ski Club Training Center before we can take you to the snow.   This Trail Pass application needs to be done by your parent or guardian (unless you are 18) as it involves a Release of Liability Waiver.

Contact coaches if you have any questions.  It looks like it will be cold with a light wind tomorrow evening so dress accordingly.  Returning athletes may want to bring a headlamp in case conditions allow them to leave the lighted stadium area.

Season Starts November 6

First practice is after school Monday November 6.  Be in room B-3 ready to practice by 3:45 pm.   Make sure you have a helmet for roller skiing (returning athletes may have left their helmet at end of last season).   You also need footwear to run and exercise in. You must be cleared for sport (see Debbie in Student Store) and bring a completed Consent to Treat Form to the coach.   There are no more before school conditioning or beginner roller skiing sessions after the October Break.

Till there is snow the practice schedule is:

Collaboration Days:  2:45 – 5:00 pm

Regular Days: 3:45 – 6:00 pm

Optional Sunday Roller Skiing for Road Ready Athletes (check with coach if you are unsure).

Please make sure that we have up to date contact information and athlete size information by filling in form on website.

Parent Meeting Update

Because school was canceled again today, I have had several queries about the Parent Meeting  tonight.

Meeting will go ahead as planned on Tuesday October 10 at 6 pm in Room J-109.

I realize that there may be a number of people that are unable to attend this evening because of the situation caused by the fires.  I will also  hold a back-up meeting next week during the break when hopefully the major disruptions will be behind us.   Unfortunately, I have travel plans in the period following the break, so an alternative meeting date has to be during the break.

Alternative meeting will be held on Wednesday October 18 at 6 pm in Room B-3.

If you are unable to attend on either of these occasions please contact me directly.

Parent Meeting

With unfortunately not a lot of participants in the Doodle Poll  the most favored time slot is

Tuesday October 10 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.  Meeting will be in room J-109 at Nevada Union.

If you cannot make this meeting but are still interested in the Nordic Team please contact Coach Derek McKay directly.

Parent Meeting

We will hold a meeting for parents of all interested athletes during the week of Oct 11-14.  The exact date and time will be the most popular preference in the Doodle Poll.   Please vote by indicating all of the dates and times you are available.   We will do our best to get through the material in an hour but will be available afterwards for any questions that may still remain.

The original notice said that the poll would close at 5 pm Wednesday October 4.   NOTE CHANGE:  Poll will close at 11 pm Tuesday October 3.   It was necessary to move this time so that details of the meeting could be published in the NU Daily Bulletin before the end of the week.

While aimed at parents, all athletes are most welcome to attend and particularly newcomers who want to learn about the sport.


Thursday and Friday (9/28, 9/29)
Lunch time meeting in B-3 for all interested in skiing for NU this coming winter.   Please plan to attend one of these times.  Should be very quick.  Also bring anyone you think might be interested.   We need to get a preliminary roster put together soon.  We still need updated data on our sign-up form.  If you are new to the team fill it out completely,  if you are returning fill in any changes.  We need your height this year rather than your armpit measurement!
Club Rush Tuesday Oct 3
Show up to help by talking to potential new team members.   Make sure to drag your friends along!
Parent Meeting
I have created a poll to find the best time to hold a parent meeting.  Please go to Doodle and fill in all the times you could attend.   Poll will close next Tuesday Oct 3 at 11 pm,  so I can make the announcement and get it published.

New Doodle Poll for On-Campus Events

To coordinate the Fall Training sessions scheduled before school a new Doodle Poll has been set up.   The general pattern is that Nordic Track workouts take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Beginner Roller Skiing is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   If you plan to attend a session please sign up on Doodle by 10 pm the evening before.  If no one has signed up then there is very likely not going to be a coach!!   When you sign up on Doodle please remember to Save your changes.  It is always a good idea to go back and see if you really did sign up.   In previous years, athletes would swear they had signed up but because they had not saved the changes no one else knew!

All activities require that the athlete be cleared for school sports.  Get your paperwork in to the Student Store.   I generally get an updated list of cleared athletes about once a week, so if it has been less than a week since you got cleared please bring the the pink/purple sheet with you to your first session.  We also need a completed Consent to Treat form for Nordic Skiing.

Sessions start at 7:30 am and are generally done by 8:15 am so you can cool down and get to class.