How to Join the Team

Items 1 and 2 must be completed in order to take part in Team practices or clinics. All paperwork should be completed before the official start of the Season on October 29. No athlete can train at Auburn Ski Club without a Trail Pass. 

  1. School Sports Package. For the 2018-19 school year, Nevada Union has transitioned to an on-line Sports Registration Procedure.   Please complete this as soon as possible as you cannot practice with the team until you are cleared for sport.   If you are already cleared for sport you must still go on-line and select Nordic Skiing as your Winter Sport so we can access your information.  After November 30 you must make an appointment with the Athletic Director Mr. Dellis in order to get permission to late register.
  2. Nordic Sign-Up sheet. The Nordic Ski Team does require a little extra  information in addition to that provided on the School Sports Registration.   We need athlete phone and email so we can contact you with information or when plans change.   We also need sizing information so that we can plan our equipment allocations.   Normally parent email information is provided on the School Registration.   Many parents like to get the Team Emails so there are two check boxes on our form to enable this.  Please complete and submit   the on-line form immediately.   We will not consider new recruits after Friday November 30 without an exceptional reason.
  3. Equipment Agreement. No equipment can be removed from NU Campus until the  equipment form is signed and returned to coach. Even if you are tied up in other sports till Thanksgiving you must make time to get your equipment and paperwork completed by October 29. We hope to be on snow by November 28 this year so do not delay.   Athletes who have taken care of business in a timely manner will be given priority in equipment selection.
  4. Obtain ASC Training Center Season Trail Pass ($35). If athletes are under 18 then parents need to fill out this Trail Pass application as it contains a liability waiver.  If you are signing up for the ASC Nordic Varsity Program ($150) you do not need to fill out this registration as it is included in the Varsity Program.  Check with coaches if you need more information.  Please make sure you have completed your NU Nordic Team sign-up before doing the ASCTC registration as we forward a list of eligible athletes to the Club.
  5. Suggested Minimum Donation of $110 payable to NUHS Nordic Ski Team. The donation is needed if we are to continue running the program. We have current expenses like wax as well as replacing old equipment and uniforms. We request that the donation be made as early as possible so that we have funds to buy wax and replacement equipment. If you leave the team before Winter Break  (Friday December 21) we will refund your donation.   Note that any money you raise for the Athletic Walkathon that is transferred to the Nordic Team will be credited to you as a donation.  If making the donation directly is a hardship then get out there and raise money directly for the Walkathon!
  6. Driving Package. Before a parent can drive athletes, proof of insurance coverage limits and a copy of license must be on file with school. Driving Forms are available on-line from the School Website. Make sure that your insurance limits meet the school requirements as the school checks these carefully.  Also note that District Policy prohibits drivers with 2 or more DMV points from driving students.  Please get this information back to Debbie at the Student Store as soon as possible. Having enough transportation to get to practice is a problem every year. We also require that parent drivers who attend on-snow practices (not races) complete the school Field Trip Chaperon paperwork (this will also cover the trip to Mammoth) which should be returned to the coaches.   Note that parent drivers who consistently help with transportation and wish to help out on snow at practice should talk to coaches as we may be able to arrange a discounted ASC Trail Pass.