On snow training is essential. NUHS is about an hour from the Auburn Ski Club. To keep the team costs to a minimum we need to have parent volunteers to drive athletes to training. The regular schedule is to train at the Auburn Ski Club on Wednesday afternoons directly after school.

We will additionally need drivers to get to the CNISSF races which are on Fridays.

The team cannot train effectively without the regular help of parent volunteers. Because this is a school-based program there are requirements on insurance coverage that must be met. Please fill out the paper-work, which is available from the Student Store, and return it along with a copy of your insurance policy showing the coverage limits as well as a copy of your drivers license. If two parents plan to drive on different occasions they must both submit the form to the school.  This year we are also going to need parent drivers to fill out the school Chaperone for Field Trip form.


The NUHS Nordic Ski Team is a school-based program. As drivers and volunteers you are part of the education system and models for safe driving practices.

  • Be careful to observe all traffic laws.
  • Do not drive over the speed limit.
  • Slow down and use extreme caution when the road is wet, icy, slippery, snowy, foggy AND AFTER DARK….
  • Use tire chains or all-wheel drive when required or necessary.
  • Never drive when taking medications which may make you drowsy or when you have used alcohol or other drugs.
  • Always be early when you have committed yourself to driving.
  • Try to stay with the other Team vehicles. If you are carrying the Team First Aid kit stay at the tail end of the convoy.
  • DO NOT LEAVE NU or destination until head coach authorizes.
  • Please enforce a school rule, “Athletes Must Use the Same Vehicle Going To and Returning From Activities,
  • Always ask the athletes before departing:

Thanks for driving and helping the athletes get safely to and from skiing.